Saturday 11th Feb 2017

9:30am for 10am start

1st Chapel Scout Hut




Theme: “The Great British Menu” Teams must prepare main course & dessert for two people.

Team Size: 3 Cub Scouts plus one adult to supervise (NB: During the competition adults will not be supervising cubs from their own pack).

Duration: Allow 1.5 hours. This is to include preparation, cooking and judging time.

Judging: The judging will be undertaken in the same manner as the County competition.  The Judges will look at and mark the following areas: Preparation, Hygiene, Presentation, Imagination, Taste and Teamwork.

1. Budget of £10.00 (not to include items such as salt etc. These can be brought from home as only very small quantities will be needed)
2. Each course must be prepared & cooked by the cubs during the completion. (Packets or pre-prepared items are not allowed)
3. Tidying up and washing up should be undertaken by the cubs.
4. The meal should be cooked using just two rings, No oven or fridge is available.
5. Teams will need to provide their own double gas burners, wood table top to protect the table from burner, utensils, crockery, washing up bowl, tea towels etc.
6. All receipts need to be shown to the judges on request.

Parents are welcome to attend from 11:30am onwards if they would like to see the end of the completion




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